ORPHEUS - To the Hades and Back

the roar of the stream ceased
under the sweet song of Orpheus,
the dryads hurried and even the beasts
flocked from their burrows

every creature adored the son of Calliope,
enchanted by his music and his poetry,
but Eurydice was the only one in his heart

Fate didn't planned for them a lasting love
the beloved dryad did not see the snake
that horrid death has imprinted on her feet
what it takes, what it takes... to the Hades and back, just let me sing
I will sing, I will sing... I will move the Gods with my lyrics

I will not die as long it lasts my love for you
I will not die because my myth will live forever

Not Charon, nor Cerberus, nor Tantalus or Ixion
not the Demons or the Furies, nor the Judges of all deads,
toughest test is keep on moving with your shadow behind me
not responding to your troubles, nor seeing you behind me

Fate didn't planned for us a lasting love
my beloved dryad, I wanted only to see you again
now you understand we were unfortunate but now you are lost forever

I will not love anymore! I will not die anymore!
but the Maenads are already behind me, tearing me apart
Even then, while the head of Orpheus was swept away by the waves,
"Eurydice!" repeated the voice alone, and his tongue already cold,
"Ah, poor Eurydice!"